1. Detoxification –Detoxification is a course of annulling a substance of reliance from the body in a manner which doesn’t thwart the body’s physiology. It has significant spotlight on psycho dynamic medications and on the conduct results of the illicit drug use.  Detoxification initially requires for a few days which is dependent upon the substance being mishandled, the earnestness of dependence and the assistance open to the customer. Management of Pain and withdrawal symptoms is the major task during detoxification period.


  2. Psychological Therapy (Counselling): Counselling treatment at Sobriety Rehabilitation Clinical residence includes zeroing in on the psychological worries that individuals have at various phases of their lives that are keeping them from bringing their best arriving at their maximum capacity as an individual and as a piece of family, society, and associations.  Counselling is done by using various scientific Psychotherapies mentioned below but not limited to,

A. CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

B. REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy)

C. Hypnotherapy

D. Supportive Individual Counselling

E. Group Sessions. The treatments alongside grouped sessions have concentrated on balanced meetings with prepared experts to help patients in de-addiction. In exhaustive rehabilitation projects, individual and group treatment are vital parts of treatment. These two methodologies are not at chances with one another. All things considered, the abilities and experiences acquired in individual meetings supplement those of group treatment as well as the other way around. Conducive treatment designs frequently use both helpful methodologies along the whole course of de-addiction

F. Awareness Sessions: Sessions to make patients aware about their responsibilities towards their family and society. The objective is mainly focused to change their attitude towards their own life.

3. Experienced and Professional Team led by Expert Psychiatrist- We have very committed, focused and devoted intellectuals on board to consult, treat, guide and offer professional advice. Psychiatrist and Psychological councillors associated with sobriety are the well-trained masters in their field who have vast experience of handling thousands of cases

4. Customised Treatment program: We at sobriety aim to help patients get over their course of deaddiction including de-toxification process in a minimum span of about 8-12 weeks which, is subject to change. We believe, every patient is different and their needs may differ owing to the basic cause of addiction. Therefore, the programme is customizable according to individual requirement, where every patient will be paid special personal attention. 

5. Detailed Health Check-ups: There will be required detailed health check-ups and observations to know the current health status and in order to come up with the perfect plan for the patient.

6. Yoga and Mediation sessions: We offer a wide range of activities for patients for them to really feel like at home. Physical wellness and exercise normally support serotonin levels, diminishing desires, facilitating depression and forestalling relapse by decreasing other withdrawal manifestations. Therefore, the Practices of Yoga and meditation we offer can teach coping skills.

7. Leisurely activities like Indoor games, Music and Television: Games, Art and music are solid ways of offering firmly established viewpoints and feelings and inspect the impacts of addiction. That entertains and keeps you connected to the inner and outer world during the course and never going to feel lonely. Patients can indulge in interaction, therapy sessions, indoor games like, chess, carrom, darts, card games etc. 

8. Nutritious and balanced diet: We take special precaution to provide balanced and hygienic diet that suits to the need of the patient.

9. Luxury Residence: We maintain the clinical residence Clean, ventilated, hygienic, and secured. Taking into account the ongoing pandemics, we pay special attention to the well sanitised rooms and bathrooms. It has 24 hours water, electricity and internet facility. All rooms and outside premises are under CCTV surveillance. 

10. Care-takers and personal attention: We at sobriety aim to give maximum personal attention to our patients and hence, we intend to focus on just 15 patients at one point, with a care taker to patient ratio of 1:3.  This help us in providing a good insight on the development that is taking place for the patient and to come up with newer innovative strategies, if need be.