About Us

Sobriety at New Panvel, Navi Mumbai is a Luxury Rehab Clinical Residence which offers acclaimed effective programs of de-addiction to anyone who has dependence of alcohol or drugs or likewise. 

“Change is never appeased by hatred, by non-hatred alone is change appeased” 
That means, Hatred never brings change; compassion only brings…

 Our ideology to bring change is based on treatment with love, care and compassion.

We are concerned about the sufferings of individuals and their families due to this disease of addiction. Therefore, we have created a unique plan of treatment which takes care of medications, counselling with a standard frequency of cycles and medically quite decent ratio of care takers to patient. This unique approach works to give results. Therefore, at sobriety we don’t just treat, we raise lives and we mean it.  

We are committed to providing the best treatment because we believe, addiction has a lot of deep-rooted reasons and hence reaching in depth to every one of them and knowing what triggered the patient’s behaviour in the first place and correcting it in the best way possible is our goal. Our optimistic approach of bringing well-being, good health and a satisfactory life to a patient is what the Clinical residence stands upon. We believe in a complete turnaround in behaviours and hence we at sobriety work with compassion, soul and body in bringing a wholesome change for the sake of the patient.

Sobriety, run by an Aai-Baba Foundation which is a family-oriented team of widely experienced individuals in recovery and treatment of addiction. Their journey has begun 20 years back with a dream of creating a safe and therapeutic environment for people suffering from the life-wrecking disease of addiction.

Why Sobriety?

We at sobriety believe that, change is possible. And therefore, the Clinical residence at Sobriety is designed to make lives better and to bring a change in the society. Realizing that addiction has become a menace to not just people and their families, but also to the society on a whole, we decided to take a step towards change. As a speciality, we provide various luxurious amenities for the class of the people who believe in the quality. Given to the social impacts, we are committed to maintaining full confidentiality about our patients.


  1. Management: Sobriety is being managed by “Aai Baba Foundation”, the experienced and dedicated individuals who are in the service to society in this field since more than 20 years. They have plans, experience and vision to succeed in their mission.


  2. Residence: We are committed to provide a VIP Rehabilitation Clinical Residence for comfort and desired result. Apart from luxury stay we have given due importance to provide hygienic, clean, peaceful, serene, secure, and sanitized stay. We provide balanced and hygienic diet that suits to the need of the patient. In the daily routine we add large group of different exercises, meditations that assist them with recuperating rapidly.


  3. Expert Doctors: We have committed, focused and devoted intellectuals on board to consult, treat, guide and offer professional advice. The doctors and therapist associated with sobriety are experts in their fields who have vast experience of treatment in deaddiction and managing the associated psychological issues.


  4. Customised Treatment Plans: We follow customised Treatment plans best suited for individual patients for the period 8-12 weeks. Sobriety has the capacity of 15 patients only at a time, which helps us to give personal attention to each patient.


  5. After Therapy:  We are committed for the task and keep tracks of the patients even after treatment to support and stay by them because recovery doesn’t end with treatment alone. We offer on-going help that guarantee that the addiction/dependence issue in patients doesn’t backslide.


  6. Holistic approach: A comprehensive methodology means to offer help that glances at the entire individual, in addition to their psychological wellness needs. The help ought to likewise think about their physical, enthusiastic, social and profound prosperity.
  7. Constructive wholesome approach: The Doctors, consultants, specialists and rehab experts at Sobriety, Clinical residence focus around treating the fundamental issue or issues of an addict, may it be of any kind. Many individuals who get dependent on Alcohol, or drugs or anything likewise, frequently face fundamental emotional well-being issues, for example, tension and discouragement, which are completely tended to at Sobriety. The recovery experts at Sobriety don’t just limit their emphasis on the patients as it were. The group of recovery specialists and therapists offer family projects to instruct the relatives about various issues that further empower us to offer successful treatment to the addicts.


  8. Commitment to overall wellbeing: We at sobriety want to promote the pleasure of substance-free living. While recuperation can be troublesome and our treatment cycle requires a critical responsibility, your time in treatment ought to help you to remember the opportunity you can insight without drugs or liquor.


  9. Feed back to the families: We strategically provide every update and development to the family or guardians during the treatment period regularly. This helps in maintaining the continuous track of progress with family.

Management Team


Mr. Pravin Navre

Mr. Pravin Navre (B. Com & MSW) is a Founder and trustee of the Aai Baba foundation. He also has more than 20 years of experience in the field of deaddiction. After realizing the increasing the number of alcoholics and addicts it motivates him to start the model-based foundation “The Aai baba Foundation” that makes holistic approach towards treating physically, mentally and emotionally with the use of love and compassion.


MR. Prasad Oak

Prasad Oak is the Co-founder and Trustee of Aai baba Foundation. He is having more than 20 years of experience in deaddiction and social work. his counselling is helping lots of patient to recover from addiction. He is devoted toward his work and helping patient from individual counselling. He plays major role in Aai baba foundation handling more than 150 patient and guiding them towards better life and wellness.